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Clothing for your silicone sex doll

By Jersy sward June 18, 2022 0 comments

sexy clothes for your cute sex dolls
In principle, however, so that the sex doll does not obtain any blemishes from her outfits, you need to pay attention to a couple of things. You could find out specifically what it means and what suits your real doll best here.

No-Goes with regards to clothing a real doll

Of training course, your sweetheart looks very realistic and, because of the silicone materials used, has a surprisingly skin-like feel. Don't forget, however, that your sweet real doll is covered in silicone, which can get rid of its flawless appearance because of certain elements. This not merely includes a lack of care for the real doll, but also incorrect clothes.

Therefore avoid the next things:

No colorfast material

Ensure that you buy top-quality clothes pertaining to your real doll. By no means does this mean that you need to dress your actual doll in the best possible silk, but the color fastness of the material should be guaranteed regardless.
This happens more often with certain materials or strong shades such as red or dark blue.
If the clothing is not colorfast, it can rub off on your own real doll. Therefore, wash new clothes thoroughly before first use to safeguard your loved one's ideal skin.
To make sure that a piece of clothing really doesn't rub off, you can rub it on the sole of your doll's foot to see if there are any traces of color.


There are particular remover creams that you can use to clean your real doll. However, since this will not always work, you should just avoid discoloration as much as possible.


Permanently tight clothing

Your love doll shouldn't wear tight clothing for too much time, as this can cause pressure points. Tight clothes and sexy corsets are safe for a short while. Therefore if you have bought an exciting component for a sex doll, she actually is welcome to wear it for the length of the lovemaking. But ensure that the corset is certainly loosely laced.

She should possibly wear loose clothing or, even better, lie naked about a white sheet. If you would like to shop for your sex doll more discreetly, you can even buy a special storage box.

Sharp objects

As a person, these include, for instance, zippers of poor quality or razor-sharp rhinestones. If these are not of good quality, they can scratch your cutie's pores and skin and therefore damage it. Therefore be careful when handling your sex doll and clothes with sharp objects.

Incidentally, sex dolls are more susceptible to harm of all kinds because their material is certainly softer. Normal should return to its original shape after deformation, permanent pressure points may appear.

So make sure to keep that in mind when you go searching for your sex doll!

Pretty silicone sex doll online purchase

Your sex doll particularly likes these clothes

You can look for the most amazing pieces online or in stores and dress them individually.

For everyday existence, but in the event that you pay attention to high-quality clothing, you may gown it darker and even more erotic. As mentioned previously, you must usually insist on the color fastness of the clothing!

Almost every piece of clothing is so easy to place on a sex doll. Tight jeans and jeans, in particular, could be problematic and have a lot of effort. The best thing to do when choosing your like doll's clothes is to select loose trousers, hot jeans, tops, skirts, or dresses that your loved one can easily slip into.

It's easiest if you place that of clothing, like a dress, over her mind and arms and then draw it down.

If it is a skirt, straighten the like doll and draw it over her legs. Then you can certainly lay you're much loved one on your back with your legs stretched out and carefully pull the skirt down - completed!

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