How can I take care of my silicone love doll?

If you have been waiting for your silicone sex doll to arrive and are wondering how you can best take care of it – then here are some simple tips for you. 

Taking care of your silicone love doll will not only make sure that you get the best experience with it, but this will make sure that the lifespan of your doll is longer – and that you have no serious accidents. 

Keeping yoAur silicone sex clean and well maintained is the key to preserving your relationship as well as preserving the most important parts of the silicone doll, like the joints and openings. 

It is important to ensure a high level of hygiene with your silicone doll, and here are a few guidelines specific to TPE dolls.

Cleaning Kit

You can get this before you purchase your new silicone love doll or wait until after. However, they will be a couple of things that you’re going to need in your cleaning kit.

  • Sulfate-free soap is the best thing to use to clean your doll and not damage the TPE silicon.
  • A soft cloth or a sponge, in this case, and microfibre is the best option to use
  • Powder, this is baby powder, flour, or cornstarch. However, baby powder does smell the best.
  • A vaginal irrigator
  • Mineral baby oil 
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly-this is your personal choice.
  • Chamois cloth or a soft dry towel 
  • A powder brush.

Now you have your silicone love doll cleaning kit put together, and it’s time to learn how to use it. Regular cleaning will lengthen the life of your doll, and take care of their delicate skin-like texture. 

How Often Should I Clean My Sex Doll? 

Ideally, it would be best if you cleaned your doll before the first use; this will reduce any factory residue. After that, your doll should ideally be cleaned monthly if they are not stored away from dust. Dust tends to be attracted to your silicon doll’s skin.

You must clean the doll after every sexual use, and thoroughly in any area that was used. 

This will mean your silicone doll is ready for use next time. 

Regular Maintenance

The regular maintenance of your doll will depend on how often it is used. 

  • It is recommended that TPE dolls are old 3 to 4 times a year as an absolute maximum. You mustn’t over oil your silicone love doll, this can cause damage to the ‘skin’.
  • Apply a very small amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline to any high-stress areas. These are in groins, knees, elbows, and anywhere that bends.
  • You can also apply a very small amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to any of the openings when required
  • Do not use silicone-based products or alcohol on your doll. Silicone is often found in lubricants, and alcohol is often found in perfume and wipes. 
  • Try to ensure that anything you use on your silicone sex doll is safe for use on TPE.

How do I clean my sex doll?

Now it’s time to clean your beautiful silicone doll.

  • You will start by wiping any liquids, or body fluid away with a very soft towel.
  • If there is a vagina insert, it is time to remove it in preparation for cleaning carefully. 
  • Remove the wig and clean the hair separately.
  • The vaginal insert is easy to wash with antibacterial warm soapy water and can be allowed to air dry. 
  • Please make sure that this insert is complete and dry before replacing it into the doll.
  • Lay your doll on a large towel on the bed, then use a spray bottle of sulfate-free soap and warm water. Gently massage this all over the doll’s skin, and then wipe down with a clean sponge.
  • Your doll does become slippery when wet, so bear that in mind as you clean the doll. Some people prefer to bathe or shower their dolls carefully. In this case, be careful of the neck and head, and dry thoroughly afterward.
  • Ensure that you do not use any cleaning products which are labeled as abrasive, this includes soap and scrubbing brushes etc.
  • Do not put in the doll near a radiator, or an open fire to dry it.

How Do I Clean the Anus, Mouth, and Vagina?

Of course, there are some areas on the doll that will need quite special attention.

  • To clean any of the doll’s openings, it is recommended that you use water irrigation to spray into the opening and allow this water to run out of the opening. 
  • You can use the shower hose attachment if you do not have a water irrigator. But you must use this on a low, and a gentle setting.

Alternatively, you can choose to use a soft wet cloth and clean these openings out manually. Ensure that you clean them thoroughly, reaching all areas within the opening.

Whichever method of cleaning you choose, ensure that you leave your doll’s legs slightly ajar so that the vagina and anus are both open to the air, and this will help it dry and naturally.

Ensure you do not leave your silicone doll’s legs open too wide for too long, this will cause damage over time.

Once your doll is completely dry, it is now time to add a small amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to any openings – this will keep them soft, supple and protected. 

You mustn’t use any abrasive soaps or other harsh chemicals to clean these areas, this can cause irreparable damage. 

Top Tips for Keeping Your Doll Squeaky Clean 

  • If your doll has a fixed vagina, use a fan or insert a tampon to assist with drying. 
  • A small spray bottle filled with soap and water is ideal for localized cleaning; the soap to water ratio is a 1:5 mix.
  • Where possible, wear a condom.
  • A removable vaginal insert is often the easiest to clean.
    How can I take care of my silicone love doll?

In general, your silicone love doll is very easy to take care of, so long as you pay attention to those all-important parts.