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Silicone Sex Doll Veronica-160cm 5ft3 D CUP

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Custom sex dolls

Sex dolls go by a lot of names – silicone sex dolls, love dolls,  real dolls, TPE dolls, and so on. If you have ever fantasized about having a sex doll, then you may also want it to customize it the way you have ever wanted. The silicone sex doll is incredibly life-like, and the flexible silicone enables them to adjust to a variety of positions. Custom sex dolls make them even more desirable. You can have the option of choosing from different body types and then customizing them to make them according to personal preferences.

You can then own a fully personalized silicone sex doll. There are loads of customization options available for you. You can choose breast size, wigs, head type, vagina, skin color, and so many other criteria. The high-quality silicone material is what makes the sex dolls so very realistic. A sex doll when customized makes an amazing companion for all your fantasies to come alive, and it is so life-like and realistic that you are tempted to own one for yourself.

Body Type
This is perhaps the main criteria when customers want to customize a sex doll. When you want to customize a sex doll, you need perfect measurements of body parts like bust, waist, hips, bust size.

You can interchange the head of a sex doll, and this allows you to experiment with your sex doll. You can change the look of a sex doll with a customizable head and wigs. You can change the wig color of your sex doll. Also, you must take care to change the head so that it matches the body type and skin color. You should also consider the height of the sex doll when choosing to customize the head.

Skin Color
When ethnicity is what excites you in a sex doll, you can choose to customize the skin color of the sex doll. Asian and European is the favorite among most buyers. But you can also go for Latina, Tanned, Black, White, Blonde.

Eye Color
Customization in a sex doll also extends to eye color. So, if you want a sex doll with specific eye color, then you can choose from blue, green, gray, brown. Make your dream girl with your desired eye color so that every time you look into her eyes, you feel love all around.

Hair Color
Customers also can choose their hair color when customizing a sex doll. The most common preferences are for black, brown, and red. But if you wish to have another color for the hair, then you can build your dream sex doll with the desired color.

The vagina is the most obvious body part in a sex doll that customers want to customize. Customers most often want to have their sex doll fitted with a removable vagina. They can then find it easy to remove it and clean it. Sex dolls also come with a built-in vagina. But with removable sleeves, you can also transform your sex doll into a shemale sex doll with a penis attachment.

Standing feet
A sex doll in a standing position is fitted with a metal bar, so that it stands fully erect on its own, without any support. Feet look realistic and they also match the body type and skin color.

Breast size
When choosing the right breast size, it is important that you also consider body type, skin color, height, and bust size into consideration. You can go for small breasts, medium breasts, big breasts when customizing your sex doll.

Cup size
You can customize your sex doll with cup size, and cup size makes your sex doll even sexier. You can have your sex doll with A-cup, B-cup, C-cup, D-cup, E-cup, or f-cup. All cup sizes have to match the height of the sex doll and also match areolas and nipple size.

A sex doll comes with so many wig options. A wig depends on the head, skin color, and hair color. You can even make your customized wig that matches the head and body type.

Pubic Hair
You can customize your sex doll with pubic hair that makes them look more realistic.

Areola color
You can custom your silicone love doll with the right color of the areolas and it should also match the breast size and skin color. The circular region that surrounds the nipples is called the areola. Selecting the color of the areola should match the labia color also. The uniform color of the body parts is done with precise techniques. With this, you can also change the size and shape of the nipples.

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