Love dolls

Love dolls “Love doll” I know it sounds a little bit strange and far-fetched to some but in every sense of the word, it’s a newer way to refer to your favorite pleasure mine, the “sensual silicone ladies”. Trust me, a whole lot of people find it hard to refer...

Love dolls

“Love doll” I know it sounds a little bit strange and far-fetched to some but in every sense of the word, it’s a newer way to refer to your favorite pleasure mine, the “sensual silicone ladies”. Trust me, a whole lot of people find it hard to refer to their sex dolls as mere sex dolls hence the christening. 

Love Dolls and their Societal Relevance

Love dolls, however, have found a way to slightly differentiate themselves from the regular sex dolls, you would call them inanimate but their owners and masters would seem to think otherwise. Nobody would say emotions cannot creep into a sex-charged and orgasm filled association now, would they?

Sex dolls now inexorably referred to by more than a few people as “Love dolls” have come to be a mainstay in the sexual fabrics of our society. Its influence doubles and triples by the day. The life-like feel of these alluring silicon sex models and the relative peace and pleasure that comes with an everyday ecstatic romp might somehow be held to account here as a lot of people have built explicit connections with their dolls, connections here being emotional attachments and special considerations.

Giving Sexuality a New Meaning

A wise man once said that wherever a man finds peace, where he will call home for the rest of his life. It has always been inevitable, given the giant leap mode in the production of life-like sex dolls that provide the ultimate sexual experience without the attendant heartache and headache of its human counterpart.                                   

Surfing through tens of messages and reviews by owners of these dolls, the messages carried nice names for the dolls with messages of awe and intrigue, it rapidly becomes clear that the phenomena of these sensual “Silicone ladies” will continue to inspire awe and gradually birth feelings of gratitude and emotions.

For a man with low self-esteem issues or a man exploring his sexuality with one of these dolls, the thought of ever replacing his doll that brought him a lot of happiness and brought out the sexual being in him will definitely be taboo to hear. These love dolls practically stay mute but still, are able to worm their way into the hearts of their satisfied and sated patrons.

Effects on Psyche

This brings to mind the importance of these dolls in strengthening and remodeling the minds and psyches of people not just sexually but reaching deeper into their beings using maximum sexual satisfaction as a portal to bring out more of the emotional aspects of these lucky sated patrons. In a manner of speaking, these love dolls actually did change their lives whether they acknowledged it or nay!

As we all know, the freedom accorded to a person to fully and completely express His deep primal nature without fear of judgment, scandals or reprisals unlocks a part of him that had otherwise stayed suppressed and subdued. For the person that has always been a sexual recluse or a sexually redundant person, it affords him an avenue and a prime opportunity to spread his wings and fly, all in an inspired attempt to elevate himself. After all these deep experiences, it is expected that these love dolls that facilitated and contributed immensely to his emancipation will surely hold a special place in his heart. That is why one can never go wrong in referring to these sex dolls as love dolls.

General Misconceptions

Popular misconception however puts these happenings down to loneliness and a lack of meaningful relationships with fellow humans. This still does not hold water since sex and only good sex can be a gateway for a lot of emotional and psychological reprogramming.

People in relationships will fret and get their knickers in a bunch about losing their partners to these love dolls, but one thing they fail to understand still is that there should be little or no judgment for the instruments of a person’s rise to sexual freedom and self-discovery. These love dolls have been designed explicitly to help achieve far-fetched sexual goals and fantasies never before thought achievable through the usual person-to-person contact.

Fear and dread should therefore not be the answer to a partner’s attachment to their love dolls. Incorporating and accepting that the love doll as a part of that partner break into sexual discovery is the perfect tool for achieving a deeper connection and harmonizing life with a love doll in play.

The Ultra Importance of The Love Doll

Love dolls are not an entirely different entity from the sex dolls we have all come to be familiar with, love dolls will always be those sultry and sensual “silicon ladies” that has demonstrated their worth by allowing the owner explore their deepest sexual fantasies above and beyond the boundaries of their minds’ reach. That is why we have learned to say that the best love dolls are always those ones that capture the imprisoned sexual desires of the mind and express them to the fullest.

Furthermore, what is more, relaxing than the knowledge that one would explore every sexual thought that pops into the mind without having to worry about rebuttals or a nagging partner or rather the familiar sniggers that men with insecurities about their girth and length face daily.

In this equation, love dolls are always the first line answers as well as the stepping stones to true satisfaction and sexual satiation.

The materials used in the make-up of these dolls now matter little since they have witnessed and silently encouraged the raging fantasies and desires of their patrons without fear or judgment. It might not seem fair considering their inanimate nature, but as some ancient wise being once said, ”all is fair in love and war”.


Sex dolls have earned their place in the sexual fabric of our society. They have proven to numerous people that they are worthy to retain their alias as “Love Dolls”.

When you think of it though, nobody does it better than these love dolls, the clandestine service and subsequent delivery of a patron’s best sex doll and then continuous tumbles and sojourns into a sexually charged alternate universe whenever he feels like it, his peace of mind after realizing that he does not have to worry about unknown STI’s or even using the usual troublesome contraceptives; the peace can be overwhelming so it’s not shocking that he names his love doll and dresses her in cute clothes.

In all of these lies the reason for the popular alias “Love Doll” and trust that manufacturers will keep trying to outdo themselves in making sure that these famed Sex Dolls keep their alias as they continue to churn out more thought-provoking and desire-inducing love dolls. 

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