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15 Reasons Sex Dolls Will Replace Real Women

By Jersy sward June 22, 2021 0 comments

The popularity of sex dolls has been greatly increased over the years, as the topic was initially considered a taboo, especially in public talking about it. More and more people begin to appreciate the many benefits of these happy gods, and the benefits of publicly talking about sex dolls. In fact, with research on how to improve the doll experience, the billion-dollar industry has a bright future. The latest changes are encoding sex dolls to have specific responses in the sex process.

Quick Tip: Male sex dolls may also replace men.

While different people will buy real dolls for different reasons, everyone will appreciate the unparalleled degree of obedience that the sexy goddess has. Dolls are always ready for you, always eager to release your pressure, and never complain. In fact, a real inflatable doll is thought to be better than a woman in bed. How? Some people will ask. This magical artwork brings unparalleled sexual pleasure, and its moving joints make it more flexible; this means you can effortlessly perform any sexual stunts on the doll.

15 Reasons Why Real Sex Dolls Are Better than Real Women

Sex dolls have different shapes and sizes from torso to mini dolls and finally life-size sex dolls. This is to satisfy the tastes and preferences of the growing broad market.

Studies show that the number of broken marriages increases every day, causing many factors, most of which are sexual unhappiness. Sex dolls can be used to make the relationship wither. You can try new sex moves with real sex dolls before actually trying with your partner. This greatly increases the likelihood of success as the partner is absolutely prepared and familiar with new sex stunts (thanks to sex dolls). Alternatively, sex dolls can reintroduce the lost adventures and sluwd as ” third partners. Essentially, the use of sex dolls is good because it does not involve deception and certainly does not produce an emotional attachment to the “third person” after sexual behavior.

Do you know that sex dolls are therapeutic? Don’t answer it too quickly. The doll can be used by those who have experienced pain on dates, which may include grief or the death of a partner. In this case, sex dolls help people adapt and eventually return to the world of dating. Dolls is a good choice because it does not judge your behavior at this time, but provides you with a partner who is always there; a shoulder to rely on.

Nurse, Jennifer will look after your

The most amazing thing about sex dolls is absolutely that these magical help are still virgin and unaffected until the day you cancel them (after you buy her, of course). The doll is tame and you don’t have to worry about infidelity or maintaining “standards” to keep her with you; if you take care of her, she always provides you with an amazing sexual experience. Furthermore, these magical creatures have no hormonal imbalances and mood swings, which is actually a very surprising factor for men, as it means that dolls remain calm throughout the entire “relationship.”

After learning the foundation and amazing benefits of having a realistic doll, we will explore 15 reasons why sex dolls are naturally better than women. These reasons include:;

Sex dolls do not require support payments

Support can be described as a legal obligation to provide financial support for spouses before and after divorce, which is very common in modern society. When a man is separated from his partner in a relationship, he has a legal obligation to care for his partner, especially when they have children. For a man, especially those who like polygamy, it is very frustrating to see the cost of support.

Sex dolls are ideal when you don’t want to worry about caring for your partner during or after a relationship. The only form of support you need to provide for sex dolls is cleaned and properly stored regularly during use. Ordinary ones. Correct? Moreover, polygamists do not have to worry about support; care for several sex toys is absolutely affordable compared to paying payments to multiple partners. This makes these happy dolls amazing, affordable and maintained; an important reason why you should buy real sex dolls.

2. with sex dolls, sperm will not be stolen

Sperm theft can be used to describe two situations; a woman became pregnant after sex, and the man thought she was protected. Although this may be regarded as fraud or breach of contract, it is still classified as a form of theft. The second case involved a woman who stole the condom after having sex. Used condoms can be used as evidence of cheating, the basis for child support testing, good gene storage and other reasons.

Sperm of Women

Sex dolls can come in handy because they can prevent any sperm theft. After having sex with the baby, the owner should immediately clean the baby, usually simply by removing the water from the hole to remove semen. While this does not explicitly eliminate the possibility of sperm theft, it greatly reduces this possibility. So the key to using these recreational tools is to ensure that the doll is cleaned as soon as possible after sexual intercourse. Sperm theft is very serious and will be punished by the law, and sex dolls can curb this bad habit. This should be a reason to go to sex stores and buy the happy doll you always wanted.

3. You don’t have to worry about child support payments

Under family law, child support is held to be a regular payment by a parent for the benefit of his children, guardian or caregivers after a divorce or relationship. The debtor directly or indirectly pays the debtor the financial expenses of raising one or more children in the termination relationship. Fests can be paid to guardians, caregivers, or government.

Considering that sex dolls are inhumane and unable to conceive, it is impossible to have sex with these happy goddesses, regardless of intensity and frequency. In 2015, noncustody parents paid more than $ 33 billion in child support, and people could not help liking sex dolls. Compared to child raising costs, especially when there are more than one child, sex dolls are very affordable and amazing.

4. You will never get infected STDs (STI)

STTI can be defined as a disease transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact or genital contact. While most STD infections have effects on both sexes, the impact on women’s health may be more serious. The main causes of these infections are viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasites. Antibiotics can treat infections caused by yeast, parasites, and bacteria, but do not treat infections caused by the virus. However, some medications can help relieve the symptoms and control the effects. While proper use of latex condoms is a good way to avoid STIs, they do not completely eliminate the possibility of infection.

Sex dolls completely eliminate the risk of STD. Until the day you bought them, these happy AIDS kept their initial state, unaffected, and these substances kept them clean from STDs. More importantly, you are the only partner in the relationship. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the doll to be “externally” infected to you. This is certainly an important reason why you should consider buying realistic sex dolls. Is it not it?

Sex dolls are the most loyal partner of the

Fidelity can be defined as a violation of an emotional and pornographic exclusive contract between both husband and wife. The concept of infidelity and what mainly comes to mind is sex, but in fact, betrayal has many forms, but it doesn’t involve sex. According to the study, more than 60% of married couples became addicted to some form of infidelity at some stage of the marriage. While there are many situations that affect one’s emotions, most people eventually decide to cheat. Emotional deception may be as painful as physical deception, but in cases of infidelity, both are painful, which is absolutely inevitable.

Sex dolls are definitely the most loyal partners. You don’t have to worry about them running around. Sex dolls are fully tackable and always serve you. Unlike women, sex dolls belong entirely to you. The only way you get apart is if you decide yourself; you are basically the relationship.

6. sex dolls have very low maintenance requirements

In addition to the initial cost of purchasing the doll, the overall maintenance cost of the doll is quite low. This may explain the increasing popularity and global appreciation of these magic and delight dolls. Dolls need only be cleaned regularly and stored properly between use.

Dolls are inhuman, that is, dolls have no emotion and will never be sick or depressed as humans. Unlike women, dolls don’t need expensive daily entertainment and dating. In fact, give her a few clothes, a good locker, regular cleaning, and you are done. Amazing one. Correct? Well, this is definitely an important reason why sex dolls are better than women.

The 7. box has her full price tag on the

You will not incur any additional costs except for the initial costs you pay when you purchase the sex dolls. This is a good career considering the daily expenses women need. From regular hair care, frequent manicures and pedicures, and normal dating nights, women can be very luxurious for maintenance. Sex dolls, on the other hand, do not need such a special treatment and an extravagant life.

In fact, a realistic sex doll is only well maintained and only needs to be well cleaned and properly stored between use. Ordinary ones. Correct? This is definitely one of the main reasons why sex dolls are better than women.

8. Sex dolls never attract attention

Unlike women who are willing to do something incredible to attract attention, sex dolls are quiet and calm at any time. Under the circumstances, these hedonists always remain calm. It is actually surprising to see that women bend over at any level and compete with their peers to gain attention. Women can do almost anything, from wearing games to using their bodies to attract attention.

Sex dolls, on the other hand, depend entirely on the strength of the manufacturer and the design determined by the target market. In fact, once an inflatable doll is assembled, there is little way to change its appearance except for simply changing the color of its hair and eyes. This sex lacks vitality so it coexist in harmony. Amazing one. Correct?

9. Sex dolls are never a bitch when you play video games or decide to spend time with friends

Research shows that most relationship fights are caused by men spending more time with friends or playing video games, and the fact that sex dolls never argue about this is a surprising reason why these magical sex tools are much better than women. Sex dolls never argue with you about your life choices, but they actually support your choice (see silence as confidence in you).

Every woman needs to focus on and commit to changing their lifestyle, which is definitely friends and video game for most men. Over time this can become a problem as men tend to quickly back to their original lifestyle. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are not affected by any aspect of your life, which makes them better than women.

10. Sex dolls are unaffected by white knights or suffering

In business, the “White Knight” refers to individuals or companies that are about to be suppressed by corporate representatives deemed harmful forces who acquired a business entity. In the world of dating, this can be called “robbing” your partner, especially when something goes wrong with your relationship. White Knight use all the possible mechanisms to win your partner, whether through economic benefits or indecent behavior. Unlike women, sex dolls aren’t tied to white knights and always belong to you (unless you decide otherwise).

11. The inflatable doll will not stare at the phone

An important turning point in a relationship must be that the other person is always calling, especially when they should ‘ t call. In fact, frequent calls are the main cause in minor disputes. Imagine the backlight of your phone hitting on you when you gently bend over and kiss your partner? It wasn’t very cool. Correct? Sex dolls, on the other hand, lack intelligence to perform complex tasks, such as operating machines or handheld devices, which means they focus on one thing; meeting your sexual needs (and, of course, some good partners). This is definitely a good reason why they are better than women; you can rest assured that you will receive continuous dedication and commitment.

12. A real inflatable doll won’t test you

Women to let men take responsibility, do anything in the name of “testing their commitment and love”. While I believe the real circumstances expose real people, exams can be harmful to women. In fact, the unqualified exam was the main cause of the broken marriage. Sex dolls will never test you. They do not think and reason, which makes them very obedient to you.

13. Sex dolls never have dramatic scenes

Women acting in public are indecent, especially when they want to drive home. However humiliating (for both of you), they will redouble their efforts; they ignore the possible consequences, including property losses or prolonged defamation. According to the survey, one-third of American women have acted out of anger and created dramatic scenes in their relationship.

Sex dolls are never noticeable in a relationship. Whatever the drivers, these magical dolls will never become dramatic. This is an amazing aspect of sex dolls and a better indicator for dolls than women.

14. Sex dolls are not crazy

Women tend to be obsessed with relationships (as compared to sex dolls). Overthinking is very common in relationships, where simple behavior may not be intended, but determines the fate of a relationship. When women make decisions about their relationship, they tend to lose reason and eventually become too confident (not cool at all).

Surprisingly, sex dolls have no women. These helpful dolls are calm in any situation, which definitely gives them an advantage over women.

15. No false allegations were made of the

Women tend to be very cautious about their partners and usually take every minimal detail seriously, making serious assumptions that will most affect their relationship. While men are less sensitive and can make almost any jokes, women are different. They tend to release their resentment at the best time (they definitely get you when you least expect). Sex dolls will never make false accusations against you because they lack human wisdom. This makes these happy gods magical and definitely better than women.

All in all, sex dolls have many advantages and have been appreciated over time by the public. A topic originally seen as taboo has developed into a topic with many followers and admirers. The detailed reasons above highlight why sex dolls are better than women.

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